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           In September, 2010 Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University has signed the Magna Carta (the Bologna Declaration). The university is systematically building a strategy of integration into the world educational and scientific information space. There are more than fifty leading scientific centers from different regions of the world among the university's partners, from where leading foreign scientists are invited.
          The program of academic mobility is being actively implemented under the framework of the international exchange programs
«Erasmus», «DAAD», «IREX», «LOGO», «TEMPUS»,
          The presidential program
«Bolashak» helps teachers and students of the university study and undergo internships at different universities in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, the USA and Russia. In terms of the implementation of European projects, KSU is the fourth largest university in Kazakhstan.
          In 2009, in the format of the program
«Leaders of the XXI century», the university was awarded the international award "Millennium" for the effective work in the professional sphere of advanced modern technologies, the development and implementation of innovative, progressive solutions. In 2015, the university entered the European and Eurasian Association of Universities. At this time, together with the Dostoevsky Omsk State University the university implemented five graduate educational programs of the magistracy.
         But the most valuable asset at all times for our university has been and remains the teaching staff.
          Among 300 teachers of the university, 22 have a doctoral degree, 94 have a PhD or candidates of science, 37 of them have won the grant “Best teacher of the university of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. The renewal of staff is carried out at the expense of graduates of the
«Bolashak» program. It is gratifying to note that most of the 9 doctoral students and 196 undergraduates currently studying at the university are our graduates.

        The university has four academicians from the Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, one is from the Academy of International Informatization, one from  the National Academy, three corresponding members of the Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and International academies. Eleven employees were awarded the title “Honored Worker of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, “Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, twenty teachers were awarded state orders, medals, honorary signs by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, three were included in the TOP-50 independent rating of faculty members of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

          Library of Sh. Ualikhanov KSU has more than 700 thousand titles of scientific and educational publications, and its own printing house publishes the scientific journal «Bulletin of Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University». The philological series ”and the collection of scientific works «Ualikhanov's readings». The university newspaper «Alau» is published every month.

          The material and technical base of the university is annually updated. Today the university has four educational buildings in which there are Internet cafes, reading rooms, dozens of computer and multimedia classes, and three museums. Production complex «Elite», which is fully equipped with the necessary agricultural equipment, was opened in order to consolidate and deepen the theoretical knowledge of students and to do educational research.

         The university has a modern licensed electronic system for controlling and managing access to information, which takes into account educational achievements and attendance from both sides the university and parents.

         For teachers and students, there are a medical center and dispensary «Arasan», a modern sports base, which, in addition to sports and recreation centers and sports gyms, includes «Tulpar» sports and recreation camp located in the resort area of ​​ Zerenda. University students become winners and prize-winners in various sports of regional, republican and international tournaments, student games for the prizes of the Akim of Akmola region, the Universiade, world championships in both Europe and Asia.

        Due to high professionalism, erudition, mobility and the ability to compete in the labor market, both graduates and teaching staff of Sh. Ualikhanov KSU occupies a leading position in the national rankings among universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The university was and remains one of the centers of intellectual and spiritual life not only in the region, but also in the whole republic. Our university is building up its innovative potential by participating in the implementation of priority state programs and international projects.

    Today Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University is a modern and actively developing institution of higher education with great traditions and great plans for the future.