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Кафедра теории и практики физической культуры и спорта

History of the department:
The Department of Physical Education was founded in 1962. The first head of the department was a veteran of sports and education- A.B Abdrashitov , a graduate specializing in track and field athletics from Almaty Institute of Physical Culture. During 1963-1965 at the Department of Physical Education as the lecturers worked: A.N. Laiko (Almaty IFC, sport gymnastics), A.G. Tertyshny (Leningrad IFC named after Lesgaft , track and field athletics), Y.D.Minosyan (Baku IFC, basketball), A .T. Laktionov (Almaty IFC, skiing), V.F. Kiselyov (Almaty IFC, cycling - speed skating), V.D. Frolov (Almaty IFC, wrestling), V.M. Machnyov (skiing), A.V. Mirenkov (biathlon) and K.P. Milovidov (basketball).
Since 1967, students of Kokchetav Pedagogical Institute have taken part in the republican competitions for track and field athletics, volleyball, basketball, handball, cycling, skiing and skating.
In 1973, the construction of a sports camp "Burevestnik" had begun in the resort area "Zerendy", which is still functioning today, under the name "Tulpar". As the university progressed, the material and technical base of the department was improved, which includes a wrestling gym, a table tennis gym, a gymnasium, sports gyms, a ski base and a shooting gallery.
To conduct training classes on physical culture, the department was given SRC-1(Sports and Recreation Center) and in 2000 SRC-2 was built and begun its work.
Since 2009, as a result of the merger of the two departments of physical education and physical culture and sports, the Department of Theory and Practice of Physical Culture and Sports was organized to prepare bachelors in physical culture and sports. Teachers of the department also conduct classes in the physical education of students at all faculties of the university.
The Department of Theory and Practice of Physical Culture and Sports is engaged in the education of healthy and strong students, constantly improving their sports skills. Teachers of the department provide methodological and practical assistance in holding seminars and competitions for schools, town organizations, conduct career guidance work.  36 Spartakiads called "Health" among the faculty members were held. Leading sportsmen take part in town, regional, republican and international tournaments and competitions.
During the existence of the specialty “Physical Culture and Sports”, more than 30 masters of sports in track and field athletics, chess, biathlon, skiing, sambo, Kazaksha kures, cycling, speed skating and boxing have been trained.
Leading athletes take part in the Republican, International and Olympics competitions. These athletes are: World Champion in Powerlifting (2009) Vaigant S; Prize winner of the King's International Karate Cup in Thailand (2009) Madiev T .; Prizewinner of the Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan in boxing, winner of the President's Cup - Zharmanov N. (2010); champions of the Asian Games (2011) and participants of the Olympic Games in Sochi Lebedeva M., Velichko E., Raikova A., Osipova T. (2014); Prizewinners of the World Universiade for Cross Country Skiing in Italy Mandriko O., Osipova T. (2014), Prize-winners of republican basketball games Abdreupova O. and Tutkisheva R. (2012). Prizewinner of the World Universiade for Cross Country Skiing in Turkey - Alexandrov V. (2010); Kalkenov D.- the  junior world champion in freestyle wrestling (2013); Sergeyeva S. - bronze medalist of the Asian Championship in freestyle wrestling (2013); Anuar N. - winner of the sports contest of schoolchildren in freestyle wrestling (2013); Usmanov Zh.- winner of international competitions (2013); Utegulova A.- bronze medalist of the Asian Championship in freestyle wrestling ,India (2009); Primak M. - champion of Kazakhstan in biathlon (2013), participant of the World Championships; Bortsov K.- champion of Kazakhstan in cross-country skiing, participant of the World Championships in Italy (2013-2014).
In 2016, at the RK Athletics Championships in indoor facilities among young juniors, Lukyanova Uliya took 3 prize places in sprint distances, Bakhitzhanov Miras became the Asian champion in powerlifting, at the RK Ski Championships in Ridder our students Mandrika Olga, Mutagarova Elmira, Tyuleneva Valeriya won the relay race 3x5km. In the personal race for 15 km. Mandrika Olga became a champion, and at a distance of 30 km there were no equal to Mutagarova Elmira. SyzdykovAyan is  Kazakhstan's champion in hand-to-hand combat, who was awarded the title "Asian Fighter". Kazakov Vadim who is the master of sports in boxing became the champion at the international tournament held in Russia. In October 2016 Beisembayev Ayan and Isskakov Ilyas became prizewinners at the international triathlon competitions which were held in Egypt.
Our graduates Mandrika Olga and Alina Raikova have participated at the 28th World Student Universiade which was held in Almaty.


Phone number: +7(701) 749 98-06
Office №105,
campus № 4 (Akan sery str., 24)


Head of the Department of

Educational programs:

5В010800 «Physical Culture and Sports»

Educational and scientific laboratories:

Academic staff:

  • Satiev Orynbai Zhantasovich- head of the department, senior lecturer, CMS in summer multiathlon
  • Tokpanov Alibek Askerbekovich - master of Pedagogy and Psychology, senior lecturer
  • Turlubekov Kairat Karaevich- candidate of Medical Sciences, senior lecturer
  • Smirnov Ivan Nikolaevich - master of Pedagogy and Psychology, senior lecturer, CMS in cross-country skiing
  • Akhmetov Kairat Tlekovich - master of Pedagogy and Psychology, senior lecturer, CMS in wrestling
  • Akhmetova Zara Kabdulovna - master of Pedagogy and Psychology, senior lecturer, I rank in volleyball
  • Mukusheva Alma Telmanovna - master of Physical Culture and Sports, senior lecturer, I rank in football
  • Akhmetov Alibek Kadyrovich - master of Pedagogy and Psychology, lecturer, MS in freestyle wrestling.
  • Mazhitov Sabyr Shadatovich - senior lecturer, MS in wrestling
  • Yudakova Elena Vladimirovna- senior lecturer, I category in basketball
  • Issmailova Svetlana Ivanovna- senior lecturer, MS in track and field athletics
  • Ageyeva Lyudmila Arkadievna- senior lecturer, CMS in track and field athletics
  • Belyalov Serikbai Dyuisenovich- senior lecturer, CMS in boxing
  • Semiletov Alexander Vyacheslavovich- senior lecturer, 1st category in basketball
  • Tulegenova Zhanat Amanzholovna - lecturer, MS in wrestling
  • Isskakov Valikhan Anuarbekovich- lecturer, 1st category in basketball
  • Alimov Akan Toleubaevich - lecturer, MS in weightlifting

Educational-supporting staff of the department:

  • Amrenova Shynar Egissovna -laboratory assistant
  • Tazhibaev Bauyrzhan Zhusupovich - laboratory assistant

Phone number: 25-59-69

Address: Akan sery str., 24, campus No. 4, office No. 105.

Presentation of the department