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Military department

At present time in Kazakhstan the military department can be passed on a voluntary basis. Admission to the military department is a chance for further assignment in the reserve becoming a military officer. As known, to be assigned in the reserve you need to pass the army, but graduates of military departments do not need to do this.

How to join the military department?

Students who study only in full-time at the age of up to 27 and fit for military service for health reasons, girls can also study there in a number of military specialties, as determined by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Selection for training at the military department is conducted on the basis of a competition and is carried out on the basis of a recruitment plan approved by the Ministry of Defense of the RK and provided to the military department every year until March 1.

Selection of students for military training is carried out by the selection committee on student’s personal applications, which are submitted to the head of the university.

The competition is carried out in four stages:

  •    The first stage is the passage of medical examination.
  •    The second stage - conducting professional and psychological testing.
  •    The third stage is a physical evaluation test.
  •    The fourth stage is a session of the commission for the selection of students for training at the military department.

The organization of acceptance of documents and passing the first stage of the competition is assigned to the military department. The second, third and fourth stages are conducted by the commission for the selection. The passage of each stage of the competition is allowed only once. A student who has not passed the previous stage is not allowed to pass the next stage.

To pass a medical examination, the military departments on the basis of accepted documents issue cards for medical examination of a citizen entering to a military educational institution.

The students who are considered "unfit" for health reasons or who did not submit a medical examination card to the military department are considered not to pass the first stage of the competition.

Professional and psychological testing of students is carried out by the selection commission in the university’s computer labs and includes following: level of motivation, stress, critical and logical thinking tests. Students who are not recommended by the results of professional psychological testing are considered not to pass the second stage of the competition.

Testing the physical preparedness of students includes the acceptance of standards for physical education. Students who are not scoring 8 points on the amount of three standards (failing grade will count as zero points) are considered to fail the third stage of the competition.

A student who has expressed his wish to participate in a competition for training at a military department submits the following documents:

  •     Application form.
  •     Identity card (original and copy).
  •     Military service registration certificate or military card (original and copy).
  •     2 photos 3x4.

   Original and a copy of one of the documents (if any), confirming the fact of absence of custody of the child of the only or both parents, or documents confirming the establishment of guardianship.

Documents (when available), confirming the status of the parent as a soldier.

Certificate on the absence of previous convictions and administrative offenses.

Document (if any), confirming the sports category, prize place in the republican or international competition, in the international subject competitions, as well as in the Presidential or the Republican subject competitions for the last three years.

Two transparent files for personnel record.

How is training at the military departments?

Military training of students is an additional type of education and it’s composed of theoretical and practical training courses. In total 588 academic hours are for military training, of which 360 academic hours they spend in the university and 228 academic hours at the training camp (professional practice for female students).

Military training under the reserve officers' program is carried out at charge and free of charge basis. Students who have not passed the terms of free of charge basis are recommended to study at charge basis by the selection committee.
Military training of students is organized and implemented by the "military day". The specifics of training in a particular university the form of organization of military training can be established in a different way.

The military departments use rating system of evaluation of educational achievements of students without the realization of credit technology. Regulations on the educational achievements of students of the score -rating system developed by the military department and approved by the head of the military department. The organizer and the head of the educational process is the head of the military department.

The organization of the educational process at the military department should ensure the full and effective conduct of all its elements and the qualitative performance of tasks for the training of reserve officers.

The students who regularly do not attend classes in military training without valid reasons (more than 24 hours), deviating from the passage of the training assemblies or violate discipline in the learning process at the military departments and during the gathering, by the proposal of the head of the military department of the university and by the order of the head of the university will be suspended.

The students, who complete a full course of military training, passed exams and training camps, after receiving a diploma of graduation in the established order get a military rank "reserve lieutenant". These data are also will be reflected in the military card, which students receive after the end of the military department. To obtain a military card, students need to visit the military enlistment office.