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Student Government

The Student Government (SG) is a representative body of student self-government at Sh. Ualikhanov KSU.

The activities of the SG  are based on the principles of voluntariness, equal rights of its participants, self-government, legality and publicity.

The main objectives of the SG are:

- assistance in the implementation of the state youth policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- assistance in protecting the rights and legitimate interests of students, representing their initiatives in the development of draft legal acts affecting the rights and legitimate interests of students;

- assistance in the formation of an active life position among young people;

- protection of the rights and interests of youth in various fields of social and socio-economic activity;

- development of youth self-government;

- creation of conditions for the realization of the civil, social and cultural potentials of youth.

In accordance with the main objectives of its activities, the SG sets the following tasks:

- ensuring the interaction of the SG with other public youth associations of the university on the formation of patriotic and spiritual-moral education of student youth, intellectual, creative and physical development, the implementation of its student initiatives, scientific and creative potential;

- the formation of students' active life position, readiness to participate in the socio-political life of the university, city, region, republic;

- assistance in the implementation of information-analytical and advisory activities in the field of youth policy.

- initiation and organization of meetings, round tables, conferences on youth issues with the involvement of various public organizations and representatives of state authorities and local self-government;

- development of skills in public speaking and the foundations of a political culture.