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Жакенова Айжан Турлыбекова





1. Surname first name – Zhakenova A.T.

2. Academic degree-no, academic degree master of natural Sciences

3. Email –

4. Education:

- 2007-2011-teacher in the specialty 5B011600 - Geography", KSU.Sh Ualikhanov. B. Tatiana

- 2012-2014-master's degree in 6n011600-Geography, KSU.Sh Ualikhanov. B. Tatiana

5. Awards, prizes, scholarships-none

6. Research interests / field of research: "physical geography»

7. Educational publications for the last 5 years:

Emcd "Ecology workshops".

Emcd "Excoriate".

8. Scientific publications for the last 5 years:

1. General provisions Economic assessment of agricultural development of Akmola region

2. Assessment of agricultural sectors of Akmola region