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Master's programs

Master's degree is the second stage of higher education, which gives an opportunity to obtain an academic master's degree, which helps in building of successful career and further training in doctoral studies (PhD).
Educational programs of Master's program are implemented in two areas of training:
-scientific and pedagogical with a standard term of training of 2 years and compulsory learning not less than 42 credits of theoretical training, not less than 6 practice credits and not less than 7 credits of research work;
-professional with a standard term of 1 year and compulsory learning  not less than 18 credits of theoretical training, not less than 2 practice credits and not less than 4 credits of experimental research work.
Master's programs provide specialized professional training, which allows graduates to be engaged successfully in scientific, pedagogical, managerial and expert activities.
Training in the Master's program assumes active research work, participation in scientific projects under the leadership of leading specialists in priority areas of science and production.
In Sh. Ualikhanov KSU a two-degree master's program jointly with F.Dostoyevsky Omsk State University was introduced in 5 specialties. Students entering the two universities simultaneously pass the relevant entrance examinations and submit the documents in accordance with the admission regulations of the Universities. The term of study is 2 years (two semesters in each institution). Two diplomas of state standard are issued to the graduate - Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.
The admission to the magistracy / doctoral program is carried out in accordance with the Standard Rules for Admission of the Educational Organization, which implement professional training programs for postgraduate education.

Applicants to the magistracy / doctoral program should take entrance examinations in:

- in one of the foreign languages ​​(English, German, French);
-professional examination
The master / doctor student must have all the prerequisites necessary for learning the relevant professional curriculum for magistracy / doctoral studies. In the absence of prerequisites it is allowed to learn them for a fee. In this case, the training begins after the full development of the prerequisites, for this purpose the university organizes a summer semester.
Admission regulations of persons entering the master's program / doctoral studies.
For admission to the magistracy it is necessary to submit the following documents:
1.Statement addressed to the head of the organization;
2.Notarized copies of documents of higher education with supplements;
3. Personnel record card;
4.Notarized copy of the work record book (if any);
5.Six photos 3x4;
6.Medical certificate form 086-U;
7. Copy of the identity card;
8. List of scientific publications and methodical works (if available);
9. Receipt of payment for testing in a foreign language (original);
10 Folder;
11. An envelope (in shape of diploma), 3 files;
12. For applicants on a fee basis - a letter that guarantees the payment of tuition fees.
Examination in a foreign language will be conducted at Sh. Ualikhanov KSU. Entrance examinations for magistracy are held from August 10 to August 20, enrollment until August 25.

Catalog of educational programs of master's degree:
6M020500 - Kazakh Philology
6M011900 -Foreign language: two foreign languages
6M020300- History
6М010300 -Pedagogy and Psychology
6M060800 -Ecology
6M060400- Physics
6M060200 -Computer Science
6M080200 -Tourism
6M060600 -Chemistry

6M011200 - Chemistry
6M080100 -Agronomy
6M080800 -Soil Science and Agro-chemistry
6M073100- Life safety and environmental protection
6M060200 - Economics
6M051100- Marketing
6M060700 -Biology
6M011300 -Biology
6M060100 -Mathematics
6M010900- Mathematics
6М010100 - Preschool training and education
6М010200- Pedagogy and methods of elementary education
6М080600 -Agrarian engineering and technology
6M090500 -Social Work
6M030100 -Jurisprudence

6M011700 –The Kazakh Language and Literature

6M011800 –The Russian Language and Literature
6M070300 -Information systems
6M070400 -Computers and software
6M011600- Geography