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Registrar’s office and the goal of the Student Service Center

Registrar’s office and the goal of the Student Service Center


Head of RO and SSC - Gabdullin Rustem Serikovich

Contact phone: 8 (7162) 25-43-93

is an academic service that records the history of student learning and organizes all types of knowledge control and calculates its academic rating.

The Registrar's office is intended for the organization of the educational process on credit training technology, quality control of students' knowledge and the preparation of statistical reports; summer semester organizations; elimination of academic debt or differences in curricula; organization of the choice of elective disciplines.

The goal of the Student Service Center is to advise students (students, undergraduates, doctoral students) on academic issues throughout the academic period;

-support students in academic matters;

- providing full information at the request of the student (academic transcripts, expulsions, transfers, academic leave).

The office of the Registrar and the SSC performs the following functions:

- controls the registration of students in academic disciplines;

- registers in the prescribed manner individual curricula of students;

- organizes and conducts intermediate and final certification of students;

- coordinates the work of advisers;

- provides timely and high-quality provision of services to students;

- acceptance and registration of all applications (application for changing personal data, application for academic leave, application for withdrawal from academic leave, application for expulsion, application for transfer (inside the university to another specialty, to another form of training), application for readmission (previously expelled from KSU), application for readmission (expelled from other universities), a transcript application, an application for a certificate of study) and the transfer of relevant documents to comply with structural units;

- providing informational assistance to students;

- analysis and compilation of state statistical reporting (3 Tax Code, 1K), the provision of information and reports for the administration of the university MES RK;

- reception, storage, processing, issuance and transfer of students ’personal files to the archive;

- assignment of identification numbers to students;

- accounting and movement of students;

- registration of academic certificates;

- the formation of a package of documents of students applying for educational grants

- preparation of draft orders on the award of vacated educational state grants;

- carrying out explanatory work among students and their parents on issues related to academic leave, the procedure for transferring to a state educational grant, obtaining an academic certificate, etc.

- integration of education with the business environment (implementation of the potential and experience of employers).

- development of social partnership through the introduction of dual learning.

- organization and conduct a dialogue platforms with the involvement of social partners, employers.

Head of RO and SSC

Gabdullin Rustem Serikovich




Khasenova Takhmina Turgunovna




Umarova Dameli Nurumzhanovna


Shabanova Aida Zhanahmetkyzy


Anaeva Zhanar Turlybekovna


Karybaeva Rymkul Mustafinovna




Kulikova Kymbat Ibrahimovna


Shayzhanova Asemgul Bakytovna

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