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Scientific and technical council

Main tasks of the STC:

- increasing the effectiveness of scientific activities of the university;

- improving the quality of long-term planning and selection of topics for scientific research (SR) and design-experimental work (DEW);

- the development of ties between university science and production, innovation, coordination and updating the focus of research on solving the problems of training highly qualified specialists, effectively using the scientific potential of the university.

Main functions of the STC:

- Consideration of issues of long-term planning of contractual the SR and the DEW, recommendation for their inclusion in coordination plans and scientific and technical programs, coordination of issues of interaction with other scientific organizations and institutions;

- Consideration of draft five-year plans for state budgetary the SRs taking into account the scientific directions of the university, recommendations for their inclusion in coordination plans and scientific and technical programs, coordination of the topics of joint work carried out with other scientific institutions and organizations, consideration and submission for approval to the rector of annual the SR plans carried out on state budget topics;

- Consideration and submission for approval to the rector of the annual and thematic plans of the SR and the DEW, carried out under contracts for the creation (transfer) of scientific and technical products; determination on the basis of the analysis of prospects and ways of further development of scientific research and their implementation in practice;

- Consideration of initiative the SR and the DEW programs submitted to the intra-university competition, and their recommendation for participation in regional, republican and international competitions;

- Hearing reports of deans of faculties / director of the institute, heads of topics on the results of scientific, industrial and financial activities, annual reports on the SR of structural units of the university, as well as project reports;

- Hearing and evaluation of the work by research laboratories and departments in terms of scientific activity, the effectiveness of the preparation and use of scientific potential, bonus staff of the state budget topics from the means of material incentives;

- Consideration of research issues and the use of scientific developments in the educational process, attracting students to the SR. The coordination of theses and master's theses;

- Discussion of plans for the training of scientific personnel through the magistracy and doctoral programs from among students and employees of departments, recommendation of candidates to the Academic Council of the University, consideration of issues of improving the scientific qualifications of employees through internships;

- Submission of proposals to the Scientific Council for the nomination of completed studies for the awards;

- Preparation of proposals to the Scientific Council on candidacies for participation in scientific competitions, as well as receiving a grant from a young scientist; scientific projects financed from extra-budgetary funds of the university; projects for international and national competitions financed on a competitive basis;

- Assessment and examination of scientific areas, scientific and innovative programs and projects, research projects, monographs, collections of scientific articles.