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Scientific research activity of the university

Scientific-research activity in Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University

Sh.Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University is a key regional center of scientific research activity. Research activities at the university are carried out in accordance with the Strategic Development Program of the country "Kazakhstan - 2030", the laws of the RK "On Science", "On Education", "On Commercialization", the strategic development plan and annual research plans, designated by the President of the country Nazarbayev N.A, as well as the scientific interests of individual scientists of the university.
The status of the Kokshetau State University involves conducting fundamental and applied research in various fields of science. There is considerable potential for scientific developments ready for commercialization.
Following the law "On Science", the university took a course to ensure the integration of science with education, for this purpose, research laboratories operate at the university: the engineering laboratory "NMR spectroscopy"; Laboratory of "Wind power plants from composite materials"; Laboratory of "Selection and Seed". These laboratories allow teachers, PhD doctoral students, undergraduates and students to conduct research.
With the aim of integrating education, science and production in KSU them. Sh. Ualikhanov in 2015 on the initiative of the rector of the university, Professor Abzhapparov A.A created educational and research and production complex "Elite". On the experimental field of the center with an area of ​​36 hectares, teachers and students lay experiments on the study of cereals, oilseeds and fodder crops and livestock (pedigree cows, pedigree bulls, sheep).
Research work is carried out within the framework of the PPP program within the limits of the amount of financing (about 11 million tenge) under the contract with the Regional Grain Holding Company under the theme "Testing and introduction of spring wheat varieties on the experimental field of UNIT" Elite " soft wheat selection of foreign countries of different ripening groups ", 104 varieties of foreign selection (wheat), 62 varieties of Kazakhstan breeding (wheat, barley, maize hybrid, sunflower, safflower, buckwheat, peas, lentils) planted.


The results of scientific activities of the faculty are reflected in articles published in 194 in foreign publications over the past year, 658 in republican publications, in international databases Thomson Reuters, and Scopus-39. Sh. Ualikhanov, by the Service of Science and Commercialization together with the special managers of NCSTE and Springer, seminars are held to increase the publication activity of teachers and professors in peer-reviewed journals, available evidence of registration of copyright and related rights, patents for utility models, monographs are also indicators of research activity teaching staff.
Our university continues to work actively in the implementation of scientific projects. Two projects have been completed: "Development of biomass production technology for bioethanol production based on sugar sorghum growing", "Geo-information package of Atlas training cards", and also on the program-target project of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan - "Obtaining nanocapsulated forms of pharmaceutical preparations and studying their structure by NMR spectroscopy. " At the moment, work continues on the implementation of the research project in the field of agro-industrial complex, commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Development of highly effective resources for the viable" green "technologies on rainfed lands, aimed at increasing the productivity of fodder crops, intensification of agriculture and livestock production in Kazakhstan" under the guidance of Professor Koshen B.M.. On the basis of the Laboratory "Wind Power Plants from Composite Materials" (headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences Bayshagirov Kh.Zh.), the implementation of the joint grant project jointly with four universities of Kazakhstan "Integrated development, creation of technologies, manufacturing, theoretical and experimental studies of pilot industrial samples small wind power installations ".
Scientists of the University in addition to the implementation of official projects are engaged in the development of initiative research topics. So in April 2016, 3 initiative topics were submitted to JSC NCNTE for carrying out fundamental research projects: "The Role of Kazakh and Khakassian Language, Literature and History in Cultural Heritage" (State Registration No. 116RK00208); "Actual problems of Kazakh and Yakut philology" (Registration No. 116RK00206); "Ethnocultural processes of the peoples of Northern Kazakhstan and Western Siberia of Russia (Tobolsk and Akmola region of the late XIX and early XX centuries)" (State Registration No. 116РК00207). All three topics are implemented under the leadership of Professor A.K. Shapauov.
A special scientific work is carried out by the engineering profile laboratory of NMR spectroscopy. In 2016, the laboratory implemented 3 economic contracts with LLP "ChemicalSolutions" (Atyrau), KazGosZhenPU (Almaty) and YuKGMA (Shymkent). The themes are realized under the guidance of Professor Seilkhanov Т.М. The head and staff of the laboratory regularly publish articles in scientific journals with a nonzero impact factor.
An important "point of growth" in the scientific sphere of the university is the involvement of young people in scientific research and development.
Since 2017, to intensify research activities among students, undergraduates, young scientists of KSU them. Sh. Ualikhanov held the university competition "Youth and Science" for the best work in the field of natural, agricultural, technical, economic and human sciences. The decision of an independent commission from among the directors of organizations and funds of the city of Kokshetau. The winners of the grants were Kozhageldina Perizat Talgatovna (Master of 1 year of the specialty "Information Systems"), Dosumbekov Erlan Kadyrovich (senior lecturer of the Department "Information Systems and Computer Engineering", PhD doctoral student), Kakabaeva Dinara Serikovna (senior lecturer of the Chair "Pedagogy, Psychology and Social work ", a graduate of the" Bolashak "program, Rakhymzhanov Yerkesh Akanovich (teacher of the" Foreign language and MP "department, a graduate of the" Bolashak "program).


Annually, the University organizes the Students 'Science Week, which became traditional, in April this year the "IX week of students' science" was held. 28 sections were held at the faculties and departments, over 400 reports, competitions of scientific projects, meetings of student scientific circles, round tables, master classes, an exhibition of scientific and technical creativity, etc. were heard. As a result of the conference, a collection of the best scientific reports of students and undergraduates was published.
Students of Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University annually takes prizes at republican competitions, namely:
in the republican competition for the best scientific work of students "Scientists of the Future" organized by the Foundation of the First President of the RK, our students take prizes (2015 - 3 prizes, in 2016 - 1 prize-winning place);
in the republican contest for the best scientific research work of students: 2015 - 5 prize places, 2016 - 8 prize places, 2017 - 7 prize places;
in the Republican competition "Best course work" - 4 prize places (2016, Smagul Bakhtiyar, Muftahudtinova Diana, Zhakupov Murat, Domlevskaya Julia);
in the republican competition for the best research work among students - 7 prize places.
Master of 1 course in the specialty "Russian Language and Literature" Svetova O.V. took the prize in the nomination "Discursive vectors of modern linguistics" at the international competition of scientific works among students, undergraduates and post-graduate students.
The team of our university "KSU Enactus" took 3rd place in the National Cup of student entrepreneurship, start-ups and innovations Enactus Kazakhstan National EXPO 2017.




In regional competitions our students and employees also take prizes:
contest of innovative ideas and projects of "AKMOLA POWER" among young people, dedicated to holding the world exhibition "Expo-2017" in Kazakhstan (November, 2015) - 4 prizes
contest of innovative ideas and projects "AKMOLA POWER" among young people, dedicated to holding the world exhibition "EXPO-2017" (November, 2016) in Kazakhstan - 11 prize-winning places.


Thus, our university increasingly acquires the features of a scientific organization, the university staff has shown its rich scientific potential, its focus on the development and strengthening of our scientific base, and the implementation of the integration of science, production and education in the university.