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StartUp Academy

Start Up Academy - a platform for the development of business ideas


        In 2017, the Start Up Academy was created at the University, the purpose of which is the formation of entrepreneurial skills and assistance in creating startup projects. At the Academy, students, undergraduates, doctoral students, faculty and other university staff can take the initiative and become a participant in the Start Up Project contest using their business ideas.

        The work of the Academy is based on the principles of volunteerism. Any person who has a contractual relationship with the university can come up with their business idea, which must be justified (novelty, relevance, expected result, the required amount of funding), apply for participation in the annual Start Up competition. The winners of the competition receive financial support from the University for the purchase of equipment, tools, raw materials. The university and the author of the project are looking for a suitable office (optional at the university), establish production and start the work of a commercial enterprise.

          According to the Regulation on the competition of projects "Start Up Project", the author of the project receives compensation from the net profit of commercial production.

         University Science Development Program for 2020-2022 funds are provided for the purchase of equipment, tools, raw materials and materials for the development of Star tUp projects: 2020 - 7 million tenge, 2021 - 8 million tenge, 2022 - 9 million tenge. The participants of the Start-up Academy are provided with legal, economic support.

         The Academy is headed by the head of the University’s Technology Commercialization Office.

         The Academy cooperates with all faculties, departments, provides interaction of all project participants.