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The Youth Club «Pravda»


The Youth Club «Pravda»

The youth Association Youth Club «Pravda» was founded in September 2018 by students of the specialty "Jurisprudence". The first president and founder of the organization is Daniel Mukhametovich Bilyalov. Ravil Ismagilovich Zagaidulin provided great support at the stage of the foundation and formation of the management system. In addition, the chairman of the Akmola Branch of the Youth Wing "Jas Otan" Bekeshev Sultanbek Yevgenyevich provided assistance in integrating into the youth policy of the city of Kokshetau.

Since its inception, the Pravda Youth Club has set new standards in the debate movement of the Akmola region and beyond. Training systems and a personal approach to training players brought long-awaited victories at debate tournaments of the national and international level. Pravda has become a brand among youth organizations due to a clear content plan in social networks and the organization of large-scale events. One of these is the image tournament «Grand Family Cup», which gathered in June 2019 players-representatives from five cities of  Kazakhstan (Kostanay, Nur-Sultan, Petropavlovsk, Karaganda and Kokshetau), which to this day is the largest offline debate tournament in the history of the city of  Kokshetau.

In addition to the sports component (tournaments, field tournaments and online competitions), the club develops public speaking skills, management and negotiation skills and many other so-called "soft-skills" necessary for forming yourself as a competitive personality. Therefore, Pravda provides the widest range of opportunities for self-realization in the club and beyond. Such departments as SMM, Coaching Staff, Coordination Department and the President's Office provide a huge experience for the student's future professional practice.

«Pravda» is more than a club, it's not just about debates and development. «Pravda» is a place where people are created. And more and more people and cities are joining this idea. In 2019, a branch of the Youth Club «Pravda», called «Pravda-Kostanay», was opened in the city of Kostanay in KIMEU. And every year there are more and more people who want to open their own youth club under the Pravda brand.

The prospects and plans for the development of the Youth Club are indicated by the organization's strategy. There are plans to create an English debate league, a volunteer center, a legal clinic, sports and esports teams of school students and students. For this reason, the club actively conducts an open recruitment of energetic, creative and ambitious young people to the residents of «Pravda», where they will be able to receive and develop a wide range of skills and abilities.

An example of this is:

  • Babas Akniyet Yerbolatkyzy, student of the Sh. Ualikhanov KU, ITK-91. 2nd President of the YC «Pravda» 2020-2021. Having entered the position in the second year, she successfully coped with the lockdown conditions by organizing an online debate club, where young people from all over the CIS could study debates and develop directly from home. Moreover, Akniet Yerbolatkyzy together with «Tio-Line» LLP organized the Kokshe Tau Cup, one of the largest online tournaments in the city of Kokshetau. Debaters from all over the CIS participated in the tournament, judged and watched, which once again put Kokshetau on the debate map. Also, Akniet Yerbolatkyzy spoke at various forums with initiative speeches and proposals to the KU named after Sh. Ualikhanov, the city and regional Akimat, etc., where she sought all the necessary conditions for the development of the Youth Club «Pravda» and its residents. It is also worth noting the organization of various city and regional offline and online tournaments, one of them is the regional tournament #ABAI175 dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Abai Kunanbayev. In addition, Akniet Yerbolatkyzy provided assistance to the school league of the city of Kokshetau and the Akmola region, holding tournaments and meetings with them at the Lyceum School No. 2 of the city of Kokshetau.

Babas Akniyet Yerbolatkyzy is an example of hard work of a responsible leader, under whose leadership, many cups and awards were won. As Akniyet herself says – «In the club I became much stronger as a top manager and became much better at understanding people and appreciating their honesty, fairness and integrity. These are the qualities that every resident of the club should have, in no other way».

  • Ospanova Meruert Zhanatovna, student of the KU named after Sh. Ualikhanov. 3rd President of the YC"Pravda" 2021-2022. She joined the position also in the second year. Meruert Zhanatovna had a successful first season as a player, winning many cups, regalia and games in the "play-off" stage. The path of the 3rd President of Pravda is just beginning and we will write its results on this page. But now we are ready to declare her really amazing plans and huge motivation for the implementation of these plans.


Meruert Zhanatovna Ospanova is an example of dedication and determination, we wish her success in her post, so that she proudly carries the banner of Pravda and never renounces the philosophy of the club.


This is all a story about how strong people create a strong organization out of an ordinary debate club. If you want to become a part of this story – then we are waiting for you!


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